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MusicInk is a project spawned from the idea of looking into the world of music teaching, creating a new way to understand music and interact with musical instruments.

MusicInk is a toy that leads you to an innovative approach to music, allowing children not only to draw musical properties, but also to turn them into a real symphony.

Our project main characteristic is the use of a unique electrically conductive paint that allows children to play their own drawings.

- MusicInk is still a prototype so is not yet on sale, but we’re working on it so keep following us on Facebook and Twitter! -



  • MusicInk is an innovative approach to music: children draw and color sound properties, turning them into real music.

    MusicInk offers young musicians an immediate feedback to their efforts, giving them a fun and rewarding experience.

  • MusicInk is an educational toy designed for children who approach for the first time the world of music, so it has been created to teach the basic properties of sound through fun exercises.

  • The game is based on the use of a particular electrically conductive and non-toxic ink with which the children will realize drawings representing the different properties of sound.

  • MusicInk works with an App suitable for Android smartphone and tablet.

    The game is divided into two parts: the first, more playful and simple, dedicated to the youngsters, the second, more complex and technological, dedicated to the grownups.

  • The drawings will then be connected to an electronic circuit based on Arduino that will turn the illustrations into capacitive proximity sensors.

  • The signals received by the sensors are sent via Bluetooth to the App, which will rework and transform them into the sound of a musical instrument.

  • Each property of the sound is connected to an appropriate melody . These properties can be assigned to different drawings by the user through the App.

  • The properties of sound that will be dealt with are: PITCH, INTENSITY, DURATION, TIMBRE and DO SCALE.

  • The sounds are of the highest quality, thanks to the London Philharmonia Orchestra.



You can draw your music thanks to
a special Electrically Conductive Paint
made by Bare Conductive.


You can manage MusicInk through a
companion App for Android smartphones
and tablets.
Your smartphone turns MusicInk signals
into music thanks to a Pure Data Patch.


The heart of MusicInk is a circuit based on Arduino Duemilanove board, MPR121
controller by Sparkfun, and Bluetooth shield by Seedstudio.
This circuit, connected to your Smartphone can turn your drawings into real music, with the highest quality thanks to the
Philharmonia Orchestra.


Riccardo Vendramin

Riccardo Vendramin

Product Designer

We live in an age heavily influenced by smart and innovative devices. For me, the future of Design stands between technology, the art of design and manufacturing skill.

Gilda Negrini

Gilda Negrini

Product Designer

I always had a passion for 'making things' whether in arts, crafts and drawings. Being a Designer gave me the way to express myself, standing between arts and technologies, trying to create something useful.


Beatport News

Beatport News

This was unexpected ! We’ve been featured on “ the world’s largest DJ and electronic music community” ! Thank you Beatport for the appreciation !  



MusicInk has reached France. Étapes Magazine has published a little article about us! Merci beaucoup

Wired / Design U.S.A.

Wired / Design U.S.A.

A few days ago Liz Stinson contacted us to write this beautiful piece about Musicink. We are very proud to be on Wired Design. Many many thanks !

La Repubblica

La Repubblica

Wow ! Riccardo Luna wrote a wonderful article about the Rome Maker Faire on La Repubblica, page 38-39, 13 October 2013. Between the ten italian project described there is also MusicInk !! We’re very very happy, thank you !


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